Snowglobe Wishes from Evergreen…

Christmas in Evergreen (TV Movie 2017) - IMDbI am so stoked to kick off this year-long journey to find my Hallmark Happily Ever After! The first movie featured is Christmas in Evergreen, one of my absolute favorites and it really hits all the feels! I would be honored if you would listen to the first episode of the podcast on Soundcloud! I will be p on iTunes soon! 

Christmas In Evergreen stars Ashley Williams, Teddy Sears, Marcus Rosner, Holly Robinson Pete, Rukiya Barnard, and Barbara Niven.

Sips N’ Cinema:

The cocktail I have chosen to pair with Christmas in Evergreen is The Christmas Wish Cocktail.  I came across the recipe for this delicious cocktail on A Year of Cocktails a site I highly recommend. I love that this is a simple, fresh cocktail with a total of three ingredients.

Christmas Wish Recipe:

  • 1 1/2 ounces vodka
  • 3 ounces pomegranate juice
  • 1/2 ounce Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

Mix in a cup, garnish with a festive touch and serve!


Christmas In Evergreen 5-Marshmallow Metric Rating: 

I love this movie. It is all about Christmas wishes on a magical snowglobe complete with a sign that says, “Make a wish, but only if you really know what your heart desires.” Santa is wandering around having profound conversations with everyone in town and it gives me all the feels.

close up photo of marshmallow on cup

Meet Cute: ½ 

While I am all for chivalry, it is a little bit of a weird situation. Something about a stranger trying to help with car trouble? IDK. 

Almost Kiss: 1

The moment when they are decorating the tree had sparks flying, and then when they are ice skating, that moment on the bench when they are having a very deep moment talking about what they want…They have such a bright connection. They are very well matched. A third moment is when they are outside the diner saying goodbye. 

Misunderstanding: 1

Ryan is doing the right thing, he walks away from Allie graciously so that she and Spencer can have their happily ever after and continues on his journey to Florida for Christmas. 

Actual Kiss: ½

This kiss was sweet. Not hot enough to toast these marshmallows, but still gave me all the feels. 

All the Feels: 1

I adore this movie. It is visually stunning, the storyline is adorable, and it has me tearing up with all the warm fuzzies from the first moment it starts. 

Total Marshmallow Count:

I am surprised this wasn’t a five! I really thought it would have been. 

To end things I would like to share some of Saint Nick’s wisdom from Christmas In Evergreen. “You have to be patient. Wishes are like Christmas cookies. It sometimes takes a while for them to be fully baked.” I may not have a magic snow globe, but I believe that wishes in any form are powerful and someday, hopefully soon, my wish will come true.

With that… Be excellent to each other and I will see you next time!

~Cheers from this Single Girl at my Table for One, hoping that YOU are at a Table for Two!~


Movies, Marshmallows, and Magic!

greyscale photography of condenser microphone

Hey guys! I am so, so excited to announce that Table for One: A Single Girl’s Guide to Hallmark Movies, Dating, and Life, is now a podcast! I cannot wait to share this next magical year with you. The Podcast will have three segments, and I wanted to preview them with you here.

Hallmark Logo

Review and Ratings: 

Here we will do a quick recap of the movie and then have some fun rating it using my patented Five Marshmallow Metric! I have created a five-point metric that will be used to analyze and rate the movie of the week. The categories are- 

  1. The Meet Cute- A meet-cute is an amusing or charming first encounter that leads to the development of a romantic relationship between them.
  2. The Almost Kiss- There is always that moment, where there is clear attraction and a kiss is JUST about to happen but is interrupted. This moment can really make or break the entire movie as it really showcases the chemistry (or lack of) between the two leads.
  3. The Conflict- The moment where it seems like our lovers are never going to make it work. I see this being a loss of a marshmallow for a lot of the movies.
  4. The ACTUAL Kiss- Clearly the Almost Kiss will preview the chemistry between the leads, but even that does not equal a Hot Toasty Marshmallow. For example: Bridget Jones Diary. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Colin Firth, and the chemistry between him and Renee Zellweger was HOTT, but the kiss?? Yikes! Colin… I expected better. No marshmallow for you!
  5. The Feels- This category is for the overall feels of the film. Did I like it? Would I watch it again?

Overall Ratings:

4-5 Marhmallows=Permanent spot on my DVR no matter the season

3-4 Marshmallows=Good movie. Probably not DVR worthy, but will watch it when it is on.

0-2 Marshmallows=Awful and will never watch again. I will switch to Ghost Adventures or a competitive cooking show instead.

alcohol alcoholic bar beverage

Sips N’ Cinema:

I love the idea of a festive cocktail/mocktail paired with the movie. It adds a sense of whimsy to the already magical experience. Recipes will ALWAYS appear at the top of the post. Easily accessible and entirely fun!


Dating Diaries: Converse kiss

I will be taking “Dating Advice” from Hallmark movies so that over the course of the next year, I (fingers crossed) find my Happily Ever After. Each week I will connect an activity or experience to the movie being reviewed. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing this journey with you, in the hope that I too will be sharing a Table for Two. I am excited and nervous to see what magic unfolds over the course of this next year, and look forward to your feedback and suggestions! This will be interactive on the Socials so PLEASE Follow me! Share your stories, your voice, and all your positive energy, because this Single Girl is ready to turn in that title and find her Hallmark Happily Ever After. 💖

The Socials!

Twitter: @SingleGirlTfor1

Instagram: @singlegirltableforone

TikTok: @singlegirl39

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for the first episode dropping on Sound Cloud soon!

~Cheers from The Single Girl at a table for one, hoping that YOU are at a table for two.~


Exciting Updates!

Hey guys!

I know I have been absent for a while. Life just got a bit overwhelming, but I have cleared a lot off my plate, like GRADUATING! And I am ready to dive into a new project. Stay tuned in the next day or two for updates, new content, and…. the long-awaited Podcast! I am thrilled to say it is coming together and I am learning as I go. I cannot wait to share this with you! Thank you for your patience and support!

Until next time…

~Cheers from the Single Girl at a table for one, hoping that YOU are at a table for two!~